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Case Study


“Prior to Using Databid, Accuworx Spent Hours Every Day Digging Thru Multiple Websites.
Now We Get Everything We Need From One Easy to Use Site.”


Waste Treatment, Environmental Services & Recycling, Energy, Utilities & Waste Treatment


100 – 250


Brampton, Ontario


July 2012

Faster Bid Results Compared to Other Sites

Saved/Month from Checking Other Sites

Bid Results Reported within 24 Hrs of Bid Due Date

“Prior to using Databid, we spent hours every day digging thru multiple websites looking for projects. Now we get virtually 100% of all Public Projects and thousands of hard to find Private Opportunities sent right to our inbox!”

Kim Hobbs

Environmental Estimator & Project Manager, Accuworx, Inc.


AccuworxAccuworx is a leading North American provider of end to end environmental and industrial solutions for both the private and public sectors. Founded in 1989, the company operates throughout locations in Canada and the US, offering a full-spectrum service approach that includes industrial turnaround services, land and water-based emergency response, soil and groundwater remediation, wastewater treatment, disposal and recycling of hazardous waste, dewatering and hydro-excavation. We are distinguished in the environmental compliance business with a track record of innovative and thoughtful solutions to a broad range of client issues, and are always providing the most cost-effective results and adapting to the changing nature of the marketplace. The staff has observed new market drivers, technology and service capabilities over the years and has kept Accuworx growing by adapting to them. We are committed to ensuring that the environmental impact of the company’s operations and services set the highest standards. Soil and groundwater issues are addressed with low-carbon-footprint processes. Further, our objective is to remediate and destroy environmental contamination rather than transferring environmental issues from one place to another. The engineered solutions delivered by our company effectively eliminate any future environmental liability for clients.


Too Much Time Spent Searching For Projects and Delayed Bid Results

Prior to DataBid, the Accuworx team spent hours each day digging thru multiple websites looking for New Opportunities. To make matters worse they had to weed thru irrelevant bids/ tenders like truck supply, paper shredding and medical supplies. If that wasn’t bad enough, they spent almost as much time checking for updates on the projects in their pipeline. With each site storing information on different pages it required a constantly changing road map just to navigate! Some agencies didn’t even have info available on-line so it meant repeated phone calls to request information. Submitting their Bid to the actual low bidder or awarded contractor is the key difference between Bidding and Winning for Accuworx. Getting that information was another story. In the past, this meant repeated calls, website visits or worse, having to call and sit through a Tender Results Hotline! When they finally found out the low bidder in may cases it was days or weeks after the due date and meant someone else beat them to it.


Learn how DataBid does all the leg work chasing down bidders list and awards so Accuworx can focus on their core business.


DataBid’s All-In-One Project information service has virtually 100% of the Public Projects and Thousands of hard to find Private Opportunities. Why use multiple sites? If you’re paying for a Lead Service, shouldn’t it have ALL the leads?

DataBid’s Public Reporting Department calls on all of the Towns, Municipalities, Cities, School Boards, Universities, Libraries, Government Agencies, Conservation Authorities, Housing Authorities, Emergency Agencies, Departments of Transportation as well as key Engineers and Architects. DataBid scours thousands of websites multiple times every day looking for commercial construction projects. They weed thru all the irrelevant bids/tenders and just enter the projects that matter most to you.

In addition, they also have a highly trained team of Private Reporters. They call on nearly every single Owner, Architect, Engineer, GC and Property Manager to confirm what they have in the works. DataBid will seek out hard to find Private opportunities like Office Buildings, Restaurants, Strip Centers, Condos and Big box projects like WalMart or Target. You name it… They are looking for it!

When DataBid finds a Project they don’t just stop there. They obtain key info such as Estimated Amount, Square Footage and Additional Details. In most cases you will see more info on the Project in DataBid then you would if you got it directly from the Owner. They follow up on every single project in their database every day to see if there are any changes or updates. IE: Bid date or Pre-Bid date change, additional bidders, Results, or Awards. In fact, over 80% of the Bid Results are reported within 24 hours of the Due date!