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Case Study


“I’d highly recommend Databid to any Construction Firm who wants
more qualified leads in an extremely easy-to-use interface.


Commercial Construction


1 – 10


Waukegan, IL


January 2016

Private Projects Identified This Month

Average Lead Time With In-Design

Fewer Competitors vs. Public Projects

“Databid has been a crucial factor in helping us locate Private Projects. I’d highly recommend Databid to any Construction Firm who wants better, more qualified leads in an easy-to-use interface.”

Matt Happ

Happ Builders


Happ BuildersHapp Builders is a full service General Contractor Headquartered in Waukegan, Illinois, their main lines of business include: Building Alterations, Carpentry and General Contracting.


Seeking a Smart Solution To Target New Private Opportunities

By early 2016, Happ Builders needed to target potential new clients more aggressively. Matt Happ, owner of Happ Builders, says that he came to the conclusion that the company’s lead acquisition strategy needed a rethink.

“With our sight set on new business, I decided that switching services was the right approach. We had experimented with a few of the other services out there but we saw little improvement in the amount of high quality hard-to-find Private Projects like Restaurants, Strip Centers, Office Buildings and Churches. We received calls due to word of mouth but it wasn’t enough.”

Sourcing fresh Private leads in an easy to use interface was one of Happ’s main goals, and they were paying Lead Service companies to help them achieve this. However, they weren’t getting a good return on investment.

“We knew that we needed to look at other Providers to power our new strategy, so we began the search. We started looking at the main players in that space and heard that the former owner of BidTool had started a new service in the ChicagoLand Market called DataBid and we were hearing some really positives reviews.”

After evaluating several options, the DataBid service won out, and Happ Builders signed up in early 2016.


See why Happ Builders chose DataBid over the competition.


“It was a truly all-in-one solution, it was the most intuitive and seemed best placed to give us what we needed.”


“The online reviews we read all pointed to DataBid being the best solution for us. It has everything we need. It saves us time, it’s extremely easy to use and informs us of tons of projects that otherwise we would have missed.”
Matt Happ
Owner, Happ Builders Inc.


Databid’s Private Reporting Department calls on nearly every single Owner, Architect, Engineer, GC and Property Manager to confirm what they have in the works. DataBid will seek out hard to find Private opportunities like Office Buildings, Restaurants, Strip Centers, Condos and Big box projects like WalMart or Target. You name it… They are looking for it!

When DataBid finds a Project they don’t just stop there. They obtain key info such as Estimated Amount, Square Footage and Additional Details. In most cases you will see more info on the Project in DataBid then you would if you got it directly from the Owner. They follow up on every single project in their database every day to see if there are any changes or updates. IE: Bid date or Pre-Bid date change, additional bidders, Results, or Awards. In fact, over 80% of the Bid Results are reported within 24 hours of the Due date!

Since partnering with DataBid, Happ Builders has made some amazing gains in just 11 months. They’ve been able to get in with key Owners and get added to “Invitation Only” projects by identifying these while early In-Design.

“We’re very satisfied. DataBid is improving its product all the time and is very in touch with its customers’ needs. I would recommend the service to any contractor looking for Private Projects.”

The returns we get from the DataBid service
make it a must-have for our business
Matt Happ
Owner, Happ Builders Inc.