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Case Study


“Merit Contractors Never Misses a Key Project from a Hospital or University with Databid’s Company Tracker Tool”


Commercial Construction


20 – 50


St. Catharines, Ontario


September 2012

More Projects with Saved Search Alerts

Saved/Month with Project Update Alerts

More Likely to Win with Competitive Info

“Before using Databid, we had hoped Hospitals and Universities would reach out to us with an invite to pre-qualify or bid. With Databid’s Company Tracking Tool, we are instantly notified anytime a company we’d like to work with shows any project activity.”

Dennis Kowalchuk

Sr. Partner, Merit Contractors Niagara


Merit Contractors NiagaraFor over three decades, Merit Contractors has been a leader in the construction industry and the choice of demanding clients across South Central Ontario. With unparalleled experience and expertise in managing the full range of commercial, industrial and institutional building projects, Merit has left their stamp on some of the most impressive buildings in the Golden Horseshoe and surrounding regions.

At Merit, we enjoy the challenge that comes from constructing buildings that stand out above the crowd. Our ability to meet these challenges comes from the team approach we employ on all our jobs, the knowledge and experience we have gathered throughout the years and the perceptive attention to detail we initiate as we bring to life what previously existed only in our clients imagination.

The flexibility of services that Merit provides has allowed us to stay atop the construction industry. Whether you are contemplating interior or exterior renovations to an existing building or are planning a new state of the art facility, Merit has the ability to adjust its focus to suit your needs while still providing the same level of quality and dedication the company is known for.


Wasted Time and Missed Opportunities

Prior to Databid, the Merit Team was using multiple sources to identify and track projects. This resulted in many hours spent checking multiple sites.

As if toggling from one site to the next wasn’t enough trouble; inevitably, Merit would hear about a project they knew nothing about. Considering their core account base was with Universities and Hospitals, it was critical they never missed any of these opportunities when they presented themselves.

What it came down to: Merit Contractors needed a tool that enabled its team to work more efficiently and safe guard against missed opportunities.


Find out how the Merit team is able to save hours each day by utilizing DataBid.



Databid’s Company Tracking Tool

An Estimator on the Merit Team was keenly aware of the need Merit had. After doing some research, he found Databid’s Free Trial and brought it to the attention of the Sr. Partner.

When the estimating team gave Databid a shot, they were immediately impressed by the following capabilities:

  • Drill down their search results to only include the types of projects they were interested in
  • Share those projects with other reps on the team with Databid’s Project Share Tool
  • Surface all relevant data on Project leads such as Bid Dates, Pre-Bid info, size and scope, trades needed, project documents and all the key players involved such as Owner, Architect, Engineer, Complete Bidders List and Bid Results
  • Complete Company info. Databid lists important contact information with email addresses, direct dial phone numbers, and even show all other Projects that Company is currently involved in and shows past project history. With Databid Company Tracking turned on, all new Projects are sent right to your inbox.


Databid has virtually 100% of the Public Projects and Thousands of hard to find Private Opportunities

Having everything handled by one app has been a huge time saver.

Databid’s Public Reporting Team

Databid contacts all of the Towns, Municipalities, Cities, School Boards, Universities, Libraries, Government Agencies, Conservation Authorities, Housing Authorities, Emergency Agencies, Departments of Transportation, as well as key Engineers and Architects. Databid scours thousands of websites multiple times every day looking for commercial construction projects.

Databid’s Private Reporting Team

The Databid Private Reporting department calls on nearly every single Owner, Architect, Engineer, General Contractor and Property Manager to confirm what they have in the works. Databid will seek out Office Buildings, Restaurants, Strip-Centers, Condos and Big Box projects like Wal-Mart and Target.