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Commercial Construction
Employee Count
11 - 50
Guelph, Ontario
Customer Since
June 2014
Increase in Lead Generation
Private Project Alerts Since Sign Up
3.5 Weeks
Average Lead Time

Michael Polo - Hall-1

“By having better insights into future work, Hall Telecommunications now has a much better view of opportunities as they hit the street”


Mike Polo
Vice-President | Hall Telecommunications
Customer's Business:
Hall is the longest standing, privately owned Canadian Distributor of Telecom, Security, Cabling, Audio/Visual, Outside plant-buried distribution communications and security products. Hall understands that helping clients choose analog or IP-enabled products can be daunting. Hall only sells products they understand and aims to provide their clients with the best service in the industry. Hall customers continually reward them with repeat business.  
Hall Telecommunications needed a way to increase the number of projects they engaged in, without the cost and hassle associated with using multiple and overlapping construction lead services. In many cases in the past they would have to check countless websites and make numerous calls only to find that many of the projects were either cancelled, on hold or just irrelevant to Hall.
With so much activity in the construction market, Hall had a daunting task ahead of them of attempting to keep up with all the new projects hitting the streets. Hall not only needed to know about what was being built, they also needed key contact information to speed up the sales and business development process for their integrator network.  
Hall needed to increase market presence by sourcing and sharing construction bids with their integrator partners. By targeting and engaging in a greater number of projects in the early Design Phase, Hall's products could be spec'd in and their customers would benefit by getting the sale or install. 
Taking into consideration each project and subsequent phase is like having dozens of leads just on one job alone. Hall needed a way to quickly and effectively evaluate each opportunity and either take action on that project by Sharing it with an integrator or setting it aside so it did not get in the way of other more relevant opportunities. 
Like many companies that supply to new and renovated commercial construction builds, Hall not only wanted to maintain their existing business relationships in established markets, they also needed a repeatable process to expand into new territories. DataBid provided that solution by giving Hall direct access to information that is difficult to gather and can often require many man hours to collect and verify. How many hours a day would it take? How much would it cost to hire someone to do it?
Hall leaned on the expertise of DataBid to help them simplify their lead acquisition process by giving Hall a single source for all construction bids and telecommunications contracts in their regional area. Hall was able to increase the volume of leads coming in and share that information with their integrator customers who are on the front line. This new and steady flow of information helps Hall increase their odds of getting their products installed on a greater number of construction bids, contracts, quotes and tenders.
"Hall Telecommunications uses DataBid Construction Leads to improve distributor relationships while increasing installs on key North American projects"
Mike Polo
Vice-President | Hall Telecommunications
DataBid Solution:
Simplify lead acquisition, aggregate construction bids, quotes, tenders in the public and private sectors. Access a proven distribution platform for current and future construction opportunities.
Business Outcome:
Since signing up with DataBid our Lead generation is up over 330%! Distribution channels are installing Hall Telecommunications products in jobs that were not previously know to our business development team.


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Dennis Kowalchuk.jpg
Dennis Kowalchuk
Sr. Partner | Merit Contractors Niagara

“Before using Databid, we had hoped Hospitals and Universities would reach out to us with an invite to pre-qualify or bid. With Databid’s Company Tracking Tool, we are instantly notified anytime a company we’d like to work with shows any project activity.”

Neil A. Hardin.jpg
Neil A. Hardin
President | Hardin Builders Incorporated

“In todays extremely competitive market Databid can not only make the difference in opportunities, it can excel the growth of your company securing a strong future, invaluable!!”

Mike Polo.jpg
Mike Polo
Vice-President | Hall Telecommunications

“Hall Telecommunications uses DataBid construction bids to improve distributor relationships while increasing installs to key North American Projects”

Accuworx, Inc..jpg
Kim Hobbs
Environmental Estimator & Project Manager | Accuworx, Inc.

“Prior to using DataBid, we spent hours every day digging thru multiple websites looking for projects. Now we get virtually 100% of all Public Projects involving Utilities and Waste Treatment sent right to our inbox right each day!”

Happ Builders Testimonial jpg.
Matt Happ
Owner | Happ Builders, Inc.

“DataBid has been a crucial factor in helping us locate Private Projects. I'd highly recommend DataBid to any construction firm who wants better, more qualified leads in a really easy to use service.”

Chris Duncan.jpg
Chris Duncan
Area Representative | Tectura Designs

"DataBid offers great support and many opportunities to expand your business. Highly recommend."

Abe Nafar.jpg
Abe Nafar
Business Development Manager | GTA General Contractors

"We chose databid because of it's ease of use, effective filtering system, its resourcefulness, large database of users. Also a major factor in our continuation of the use of this software is the personal attention given by staff, including the founder himself personally. We are extremely happy with data bid and would recommend it to other industry partners"

Executive Assistant | Wyse Meter Solutions Inc.

"Luis was so amazing! He spent an hour helping me to meet all my needs! I work with outside agencies all the time, he was clear, concise and took the time to make sure I fully understand everything! DATABID is so great! Other companies should follow their superb customer service levels!"

 Craig Miedema.jpg
Craig Miedema
Building Division Manager | Gateman Milloy Inc.

"DataBid provides comprehensive, organized and user-friendly presentation of current market opportunities in an easy to use and decipher dashboard. It provides valuable information on job related consultants, sub-trades and clients that is not readily available from other bidding solutions. This saves time and allows a focussed session when the program is opened each and every time. Glad to be back with DataBid."

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