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Commercial Construction
Employee Count
1 - 10
Waukegan, Illinois
Customer Since
January 2016
Private Projects identified in the First month
3 Months
Average Lead time with In-Design Projects
Fewer Competitors vs. Public Projects


“DataBid has been a crucial factor in helping us locate Private Projects. I'd highly recommend DataBid to any construction firm who wants better, more qualified leads in a really easy to use service.”


Matt Happ
Owner | Happ Builders, Inc.
Happ Builders is a full service General Contractor headquartered in Waukegan, Illinois. Their main lines of business include: Building alterations, carpentry and general contracting.
Seeking a Smart solution to target new Private opportunities.
By early 2016, Happ Builders needed to target potential new clients more aggressively. Matt Happ, owner of Happ Builders, says that he came to the conclusion that the company's lead acquisition strategy needed a re-think. 
"With our focus set on new business, I decided that switching services was the right approach. We had experimented with a few other services out there but we saw little improvement in the amount of high quality hard-to-find Private projects like Restaurants, Car Dealerships, Strip Centers, Office Buildings and Churches. We received calls due to word of mouth but it wasn't enough."
Sourcing fresh Private leads in an easy to use interface was one of Happ's main objectives. They were already paying for several other Lead Service companies to help them achieve this and they just were not seeing positive results.
"We knew that we needed to look at other providers to power our new strategy, so we began the search. We started looking at the main players in that space and heard that the former owner of BidTool, Jim Lamelza had started a new service in the Chicago area called DataBid and we were hearing some really positive reviews from everyone we spoke with."
"After evaluating several options, the choice became clear and the DataBid service won out. Happ Builders signed up in early 2016. lt really was an all in one solution, was the most intuitive and seemed best placed to give us what we needed."
"The online reviews we read all pointed to DatBid being the best solution for us. It has everything we need. It saves us time, it's extremely easy to use and most importantly, it informs us of tons of projects that otherwise we would have missed." 
Matt Happ
Owner | Happ Builders Inc,
DataBid's Private Reporting Team
The DataBid Private Reporting Department calls on nearly every single Owner, Architect, Engineer, General Contractor and Property Manager to confirm what they have in the works. DataBid will seek out Office Buildings, Restaurants, Strip-Centers, Condos and Bog Box projects like Wal-Mart and Target. You name it... DataBid is looking for it!
When DataBid finds a Project they don't just stop there. They obtain key info such as estimated amount, square footage and additional details. In most cases you will see more information on the project in DataBid then you would if you got it directly from the owner. DataBid follows up on every single project in their database every day to see if there are any changes or updates on bid dates, pre-bid meeting info, additional bidders, bid results or awards. In fact, over 70% of the Bid Results are reported within 24 hours of the due date!
Since partnering with DataBid, Happ Builders has made some amazing gains! They've been able to get in with key Owners and get added to "Invitation Only" projects by identifying these while in the Early Design Phase.
"We're very satisfied. DataBid is improving its product all the time and is very in touch with its customer's needs. I would recommend the service to any contractor looking for Private Projects."
"The returns we get from the DataBid service make it a must-have for our business."
Matt Happ
Owner | Happ Builders Inc.


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Dennis Kowalchuk.jpg
Dennis Kowalchuk
Sr. Partner | Merit Contractors Niagara

“Before using Databid, we had hoped Hospitals and Universities would reach out to us with an invite to pre-qualify or bid. With Databid’s Company Tracking Tool, we are instantly notified anytime a company we’d like to work with shows any project activity.”

Neil A. Hardin.jpg
Neil A. Hardin
President | Hardin Builders Incorporated

“In todays extremely competitive market Databid can not only make the difference in opportunities, it can excel the growth of your company securing a strong future, invaluable!!”

Mike Polo.jpg
Mike Polo
Vice-President | Hall Telecommunications

“Hall Telecommunications uses DataBid construction bids to improve distributor relationships while increasing installs to key North American Projects”

Accuworx, Inc..jpg
Kim Hobbs
Environmental Estimator & Project Manager | Accuworx, Inc.

“Prior to using DataBid, we spent hours every day digging thru multiple websites looking for projects. Now we get virtually 100% of all Public Projects involving Utilities and Waste Treatment sent right to our inbox right each day!”

Happ Builders Testimonial jpg.
Matt Happ
Owner | Happ Builders, Inc.

“DataBid has been a crucial factor in helping us locate Private Projects. I'd highly recommend DataBid to any construction firm who wants better, more qualified leads in a really easy to use service.”

Chris Duncan.jpg
Chris Duncan
Area Representative | Tectura Designs

"DataBid offers great support and many opportunities to expand your business. Highly recommend."

Abe Nafar.jpg
Abe Nafar
Business Development Manager | GTA General Contractors

"We chose databid because of it's ease of use, effective filtering system, its resourcefulness, large database of users. Also a major factor in our continuation of the use of this software is the personal attention given by staff, including the founder himself personally. We are extremely happy with data bid and would recommend it to other industry partners"

Executive Assistant | Wyse Meter Solutions Inc.

"Luis was so amazing! He spent an hour helping me to meet all my needs! I work with outside agencies all the time, he was clear, concise and took the time to make sure I fully understand everything! DATABID is so great! Other companies should follow their superb customer service levels!"

 Craig Miedema.jpg
Craig Miedema
Building Division Manager | Gateman Milloy Inc.

"DataBid provides comprehensive, organized and user-friendly presentation of current market opportunities in an easy to use and decipher dashboard. It provides valuable information on job related consultants, sub-trades and clients that is not readily available from other bidding solutions. This saves time and allows a focussed session when the program is opened each and every time. Glad to be back with DataBid."

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