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    CSC (Construction Specifications Canada) is a national multi-disciplinary, non-profit association with chapters across Canada. CSC is committed to ongoing development and delivery of quality education programs, publications and services for the betterment of the construction community. To this end, CSC pursues the study of systems and procedures which will improve the coordination and dissemination of documentation relevant to the construction process. CSC Seeks to enhance the quality of the design and management aspects of construction activity through programs of publication, education, professional development, and certification, believing that in so doing it can best contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of the industry as a whole.

    Vision That Construction Specifications Canada is the construction community’s first choice for quality documentation, education and networking.

    Values & Core Beliefs Quality, Professionalism, Teamwork, Integrity, Openness & Innovation.   Please click the CSC MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION (PDF) All memberships within CSC are individual memberships within each member’s respective organization. Memberships can be transferred from one individual to another within an organization. It is important that each member advise the CSC Office regarding any changes in membership information to ensure the accuracy of our membership records. The co-operation of CSC members in this regard is greatly appreciated.

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